On the fourth day, academic staff members were oriented on the on-going process of deep-reform across the board in university while administrative staff discussed AMU’s last year’s annual plan, achievements, challenges encountered and perused through annual plan of the year 2010 as well. Click here to see the pictures.

Deliberating upon university’s last year annual plan, today, administrative staff looked into the overall achievements made on all fronts, failures and lacunas and the lesson learnt therein. Similarly, they also discussed university’s 2010 Plan with regards to the changing scenario and the level of preparedness to execute the plan.

On other hands, teachers while examining deep-reform impact contextualizing university situation, tried to know the inherent gaps which were identified last year by the Ministry of Education. Evaluating as to what improvement has been made, whether those gaps are still lingering and what appropriate measures would be taken to reach to the goal.

The administrative and academic staff have concluded the training on Thursday; while deans of colleges and directors of all directorates are likely to start evaluation process on Friday, followed by departmental heads and other individual employees on subsequent days.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)