‘‘Corruption is insidious for the country that retards developmental process; it’s like a cancer that keeps gnawing at the system till corrective surgery is performed. Therefore, it’s imperative for Ethiopians to stand up and fight out this evil,’’ exhorted Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo.

Research Centre for Highland Fruits and Enset Genetic Research & Conservation Centre will be the holistic centre where cutting-edge researches on plant science, horticulture, agriculture, animal breeding, fodder, health, social and other aspects of medical sciences will be conducted, Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo, informed.

Community Service Directorate has organized the two-day training in English language for High School English teachers from Gamo Gofa Zone at Main Campus; 124 teachers participated in the training.

‘‘It’s the foremost responsibility of all men to give full regard, value and love to their female folks; because our mothers are the real architect of our lives as there is no alternative for her.

The EJWST is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal published biannually by Arba Minch University. It publishes original research papers which are of regional and international significance in the fields of water science and technology that encompass water resources and management, hydraulic and hydropower, water and environment, irrigation and drainage, water management and institutions, hydrometeorology, water management and development technologies, water resources and climate change.