Arba Minch University Gender Affairs Offices has organized the 36th celebration of the 2012 International Women’s Day (IWD) within the university.

According to the University’s Gender Affairs office coordinators W/t Munit Mokuria, the celebration was mainly focused on promoting women’s right, the actual feminist movements and increasing awareness among the university community.

International women’s day (IWD) is an occasion marked by women around the world on March 8. This date is commemorated at the united nation and it’s decided in many countries as national holiday.

The Acting Executive Director of AMIT Ato Ermias Alemu in speech on the opening of the workshop on March 14, 2012 indicated that the event is intended to create motivation and engagement of the staff to such an issue of regional concern.

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The EU-funded project ROSA (Resource-Oriented Sanitation concepts for peri-urban areas in Africa) proposes resource-oriented sanitation concepts as a route to sustainable sanitation and to meet the UN Millennium Development Goals.

EU7th Framework Programme

Clara Project

Capacity-Linked water supply and sanitation improvement for Africa’s Peri-urban and Rural Areas

The core objective of CLARA research project is to strengthen local capacities to adopt, implement and operate integrated water supply and sanitation for small communities in rural areas and peri-urban areas, and to contribute to the MDGs and to climate change adaptation in the African water sector.