The Grants and Collaborative Project Management (GCPM) is among the directorate offices established under the vice President for Research and Community Services, Arba Minch University (AMU).


The GCPM office has a mission of equipping AMU scientific community to be winning grant proposal developers to make AMU as the hub of numerous collaborative projects.


AMU’s GCPM office targets AMU to be among the top leading Ethiopian universities having numerous collaborative projects.  


Main activities of the GCPM office

  • Plans and monitors Grant and Collaborative Project Activities,
  • Encourages staff to write grant proposals through all possible media,
  • Identifies potential grant and collaborative project proposal writers from staff members,
  • Creates links with local institutions (Universities and Research Institutes) known for winning projects and establish partnership for joint collaborative projects,  
  • Facilitates trainings for grant searching for staff members,
  • Establishes panel of experts for searching and writing collaborative research project proposals,
  • Lobbies funding agencies (embassies, NGOs, GOs, Associations, industries, foreign academic institutions etc.),
  • Searches for sources of funding and calls for grants from links and websites and announces this to the staff through all means,

Evaluates the progress of existing collaborative and joint projects and

  • recommends for adjustments to the project owning office,
  • Sorts projects into research and development and connect to the appropriate offices,
  • Registers and sends collaborative and joint projects to the appropriate offices for coding,
  • Allocates and manages seed funds for collaborative proposals,
  • Prepares Grant and Collaborative Project Management guideline,
  • Facilitates logistics for project implementation,
  • Produces annual collaborative project booklet,
  • Establishes donor-recipient forum and holds annual stakeholder meetings (project review workshop) to review progress and acknowledge granters,
  • Keeps the history (institutional memory) of collaborative projects on the university website,
  • Facilitates the signatory processes of collaborative projects and makes sure the 10% overhead cost of collaborative projects is included in the proposals,
  • Reports the performance of collaborative projects quarterly,
  • Performs other related duties provided by the Vice President.


Contact Address

 Director’s Name: Thomas Torora Minda (PhD)

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Phone no_:-

   Office: +251-46-8810299                                                                                  

   Mobile: +251-931410359