On the third day, on-going training at Arba Minch University has taken up different issues like ethical education and its impact and progress made at deep-reform front. In the open forum participants and trainers discussed pros and cons of the issues and arrived at a decision to be well-prepared so that set objectives can be achieved in an efficient manner. Click here to see the pictures.

Today, administrative staff members had discussion on issues of deep-reform at national and university level in particular; the topics that came up for discussion were administration, academic development, infrastructure, research and facilities, etc. The observed lacunas and shortcomings that proved out to be bottle-necks were also looked into; and participants were told to be vigilant in achieving the objectives.

Similarly, teachers while discussing ‘ethical education and its impact’ were told that it’s the responsibility of one and all in the society to see that ethical education gets percolated not only in the academic but personal life of every student.

Further, it’s said, university’s role doesn’t stop at mere revising curriculum, but we must also pay attention as to how it can be made balanced; due attention was called for civic education that covers wider areas of life. The question-answer sessions for administrative staff and group discussions for teachers were held in the afternoon.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)