The three-day government training started at Arba Minch University for its fresh entrants on identified issues has concluded on 13th October, 2017. This strategic training meant to instill sense of awareness among all students was simultaneously given at respective campuses. Click here to see the pictures.

During the training, students were oriented on topics like Deliver-ology, Civic and Ethical Education, Secularism & Constitution and AMU’s Annual Plan for 2010. They were exhorted to be focused while pursuing education so that desired goal of each of them is achieved so that university’s mandate gets fulfilled.

Similarly, they were told while being in the campus each must adhere to Civic and Ethical Education that brings best out of them, enabling to achieve what they set out to.

On the last day, they were informed about the annual planning of university in this fiscal year, present scenario, what new developments are expected in this year and what is expected of them.

The objective of the training was to apprise them with on-going developments at national and higher education fronts; they were also oriented as how to be prepared to tackle crisis.

The training was imparted by all colleges’ deans, department heads and senior teachers at respective campuses.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)