Arba Minch University’s Main Campus was drenched with patriotic zest and overflowing warmth, people decked up in gorgeous attires sporting mini flags and big flags of ethnic groups, nations and nationalities fluttering all across declare 12th Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day celebration underway which everyone loved. Click here to see the pictures.

In a fully electrifying atmosphere, program kicked off at 8.30 am with Arba Minch Town Cultural Band presenting beautiful dances have people crooning and tapping their feet in joy; overjoyed section of audience and students shook legs with various dancing troupes.

At national level, the event will be celebrated in Afar State on 8th December, 2017, under the theme: ‘Our Constitutional and colourful multi-nationalism for our Renaissance.’

AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza, addressing the gathering, said, ‘‘We are proud to celebrate such an important event, which is in fact an embodiment of Ethiopia’s social, political and cultural dynamism. It reminds us about the Constitution of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia that has heralded a new political history thus completely changing the socio-political scenario of the country.

At the outset, Dr Damtew accompanied with other top officials lighted the candles and cut the ceremonial cake to mark the event. On the occasion, AMU instructors, appraising gathering about Ethiopian Federalism and Constitution said, the foundation for this profound and unique unity amongst different ethnic groups, nations and nationalities is the fruit of inner strength and resilience that our constitution carries in it. It’s the uniting factor that paved the way for rapid economic growth, peace and social harmony.

The program was interspersed with a brief presentation of Taekwondo sporting skills and a quiz contest for students on the topics of panel discussion; three winners of quiz were suitably rewarded.

Thereafter, various troupes of students regaled audience dancing on their ethnic numbers thus representing respective cultures, nations and nationalities. Entire university community including academic and administrative staff, students, patrons, well-wishers, stakeholders and others graced the occasion.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)