SAM-UP: Giving helping hands to students at receiving end

Student Academic Mission Upgrade (SAM-UP) is a sort of altruistic mission launched by a clutch of senior AMU students and teachers to help out students, who at times find it difficult to catch up with the advanced pace of studies. But, don’t jump the gun, they aren’t dunce, what they need is just a stimulus, and tutorials is providing them the key to unlock their latent potentials.

Tamane Taye, a senior engineering student, who is hailing from the humble background, took the initiative to assist scores of AMU students, who were often warned for poor academics. In 2017, he started tutorials at Main Campus and later taking cue from him, many joined this bandwagon.

As of now, 82 individuals including six full-time teachers are mentoring over 4000 students by giving freebie classes three days a week for four hours across all AMU campuses. When asked, bout the scenario, pat come the answer, ‘‘These students are improving and it’s evident from the fact that this year only 17 of them have been dismissed compared to last year’s 100.

Now into second year, this venture’s founder-president, Tamane Taye, informed that SAM-UP has a seven-member committee that includes vice president, secretary and other members, who look into areas such as audit, academic, finance and gender affaires.

SAM-UP being patronized by AMU management does enjoy material support to conduct classes in all campuses is registered one. It operates for three categories; first it serves female students, gives extraordinary attention in imparting technology-aided courses and also offers tailor-made courses to the physically-challenged students of university.

The tutorials are conducted on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays for four hours. In 2017, it started at Main Campus, but hereafter it’s being replicated across all campuses. Last year, it has tutored 3000 and this year over 4000 have taken courses, Mr Tamane added.

This initiative is yielding results as in the last three years over 600 would get ‘D’ grades, but SAM-UP has drastically brought it down to 20. Those who couldn’t pass are now scoring around 3 CGPA and remaining get 2 CGPA. The empowerment is so effective that hardly any of the students is getting warning or ‘D’ grade while earlier, at least 500 used to get admonition.

In 2018, SAM-UP, has started tutorials across all campus from second semester. On female performance, he said, comparatively female students who were quite frustrated earlier are now pretty confident to complete their studies.

Having shepherded ‘his’ brainchild successfully till now, he feels others can take on the mantle as he will be graduating this year. I am happy for assisting many in my personal capacity and through present motivated group. As I am about to exit, I want SAM-UP to come under the umbrella of academic affairs vice president so that this mission further gets strengthened.

Relating a one-up experience, he said, I know a student, who came to AMU with only 100 Birr in his pocket. He was in difficulty, so I tried to satisfy his educational needs by providing some materials and our friends also aided him. I want these sympathetic acts to continue, he urged.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)