AMU’s outstanding Selamawit, wants to be Agribusiness start-up

Selamawit Woldemichael, this unassuming girl deserved plaudits for she brought laurel to AMU, by clocking 3.98 CGPA in Agribusiness & Supply Chain Management. Once shy, now craves for more knowledge to unlock her immense potential and become resolute voice for the voiceless!

Taking us down the memory lane, she said, being an introvert, I used to hide, when people will visit us. But having joined AMU, I became tough and cherish desire to be an enterprising start-up in agribusiness to transform the way my father does farming.

On her feat, she said, I was expecting it to be 4 CGPA instead of 3.98; nevertheless it’s good. I chose Agribusiness because I am good in Math. I passed Grade 12 from Yirgalem Secondary and Preparatory School, Dali woreda but couldn’t score high and landed up here.

Her father, Woldemichael Boreta is farmer, has at least 10 hectares of land, but cultivates crops on a very low scale only to be consumed by family itself; mother Aster Solomon is a housewife and only younger brother Biniyam is pursuing his technical education in one of the TVETs.

On future, she said, being part of farming family, I want to start agricultural business like poultry, beef cattle production, etc. My father despite having huge land doesn’t get expected monetary gains. Therefore, I want to change this into a profitable proposition using my business acumen and confidence; and at the moment, I would love to go for Master degree, instead of job.

I would never miss class for a minute and every day study for two hours and maintain my dairy of daily activities. Even when there was no class, I would engage in productive work; I am also member of Salam Forum that resolves conflicts of students, on study plan, she responded.

Her research on ‘Tomato value chain’, found farmers being exploited as wholesalers buy their products at very low price and make huge profits; hence, she recommended government and stakeholders to start extension service and establish processing unit that will enable farmers to sell their wares directly in the market and get what they actually deserve.

My strength lies in utilizing time appropriately, I can’t afford to waste it, I won’t even greet one, when I had important task to perform. Seeing lot of works piled up give me tension and when there will be disagreement on any issue with anyone, it hurts me, she quipped.

She has deep desire to be an activist to improve women’s lot in the country. Exhorting female students, she said, nothing is impossible, provided you work hard, utilize your time diligently, be focused, choose right path and then pursue your instinct, it will help you to break the barriers.

In four years, she garnered 34 A+, 10 A and three A-. Especially, in subjects such as Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Agricultural Marketing and International Trade she scored very high as they had multiple calculations.

Attributing credit of her success, she said whatever, I have achieved is the upshot of what everyone including my parents, teachers, friends and others have contributed in my life. Writing is my hobby; I enjoy with friends and laugh a lot to get distress from worries, she signs off.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)