A 5-member Chinese delegation led by the Deputy President of Guangxi Vocational & Technical Institute, Mr Yin Ziyun, during courtesy visit to AMU has inked the tripartite agreement with university President, Dr Damtew Darza, at latter’s office in the presence of university top officials on September 25, 2018.


Under this collaboration AMU’s graduates and staff members are expected to be trained and imparted cutting-edge knowhow to enhance sugar production and creating jobs in the sector. Honing talents, building educational capacity and staff exchange are the cornerstones of this tripartite endeavor.Click here to see the pictures

This 3-year agreement, a part of Silk Road International College of Sugar Industry Project was inaugurated by Dr Damtew Darza and Mr Yin Ziyun at Institute of Technology’s under-construction auditorium.

Arba Minch University’s Institute of Technology, China’s Guangxi Vocational & Technical Institute of Industry and Guangxi Construction Engineering Group No.1 Installation Company Limited are three partners with the stipulated task.

At the outset Dr Damtew Darza, giving a lowdown on AMU to the visiting dignitaries, said, AMU is the institution of great repute which aspires to spread its footprints across the globe and it can be done only by aligning with esteemed institutions such as yours.

Discussion ensued with IoT’s Scientific Director, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo, welcoming the guests; said forging technical partnership with premier Chinese institutions is our privilege to equip sugar industry manpower with innovative technology that will transform sugar production in Ethiopia.

Having appraised AMU officials with Guangxi Technical Institute’s potential, Mr Yin Ziyun informed that this partnership will immediately come into effect in implementing this general agreement signed today and stressed that as and when there will be need of any specific pacts, we will sign them in due course. And it’s three-tenure will be extended with mutual consent.

He said Guangxi Construction Company based in Ethiopia has led the foundation of this pact in a way for it has got Guangxi Technical Institute known across Ethiopia. Furthermore amazing culture of Arba Minch town has been another factor that further shaped this alliance. He also assured to periodically fine-tune the expertise of staff and graduates to tap sugar potential in Ethiopia.

Later in the day, Chinese delegation visited Mechanical and Electrical laboratories at Main Campus. AMU vice presidents and others were in attendance; IoT’s Managing Director, Mr Yalisho Girma, anchored the program.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)