AMiT hosts 1st national meet on Innovation and Challenges in Engineering & Tech

AMU’s Institute of Technology now being an independent entity has hosted its first ever two-day national symposium – ‘Innovation and Challenges in Engineering & Technology for Sustainable Development’ at New Hall, Main Campus from 12th to 13th April, 2019. Several researchers and academicians from nine Ethiopian public universities partook in this august deliberation.Click here to see the pictures

The program got off to a glittering start with Arba Minch Town Culture & Tourism Band mesmerizing audience with their lilting performances followed by ceremonial cake cutting by the dignitaries.

Opening symposium, AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza, lauded AMiT for electrifying innumerable health centres and schools which were off the national grid, said, this unique initiative has benefitted community at large that has to be maximized and upgraded in quality and quantity for which tremendous efforts need to be exerted for what is being done via innovation and research isn’t adequate to satisfy national needs.

He adds, therefore, at this critical juncture, gathering of researchers from across Ethiopia is a unique step as they will communicate strongly and passionately collaborate to harness inquisitiveness in questing problems staring at the society and come up with problem-solving outputs that will be a real panacea for larger community disquiet in particular and nationwide in general, he emphasized.

AMiT Scientific Director, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo, giving a lowdown on institute profile, said, organizing such a scientific gathering will help to exploit AMiT’s true worth by strengthening network and forging new ties across Ethiopia. With more emphasis on multi-disciplinary research; we have organized this first ever symposium to extract problem-solving ideas from engineering and technology professionals. Though we are at nascent stage hope by being objectively rational this eminent forum in all likelihood will get metamorphosed into a global phenomenon.

Delivering plenary speech, CEO of Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation, Dr Negede Abate praised AMiT for its first national symposium, said, key for excellence in research and education lies in reforming academic facilities, availing adequate resources with quality staff. Hence, universities must adhere to academic freedom, good governance and education quality standards to gain the mush-needed competitive edge required for their graduates to survive in today’s dynamic market.

Exhorting further, he said, academic staff should be given adequate time and resources for research and to enhance their knowledge. Herein AMiT has to focus more on quality, optimize teaching load to encourage research and development; and staff evaluation should be based on number of pre-reviewed papers they produce. We know research skills strengthen knowledge and bolster academic confidence. Therefore, to stay attentive and academically prudent do quality and applied research, he underscored.

The symposium has 14 papers and four poster presentations of which AMU has three while remaining were from Ethiopian Civil Service, Mekelle, Hawassa, Jimma, Bule Hora, Assosa, Mada Walebu, Debre Markos and  Adama universities.

AMU presenter, Dr Tesfaye Habtemariam presenting his paper - ‘A Reflective Case Analysis of Where ICT and Education Can Meet’ focused on instructor’s experience of introducing Computer Assisted Language Learning into MA (Teaching English as Foreign Language) curriculum and describes the classroom implementation of designed syllabus at AMU. His finding revolved around issues such as re-designed syllabus with more training contents than first syllabus, who teaches course, trainee-teachers ICT skills and availability of reference materials, etc. 

Researchers and academicians from nine Ethiopian public universities, professionals from industries, AMU officials, students and other stakeholders were in attendance. Dr Muluneh Lemma anchored the program. Lawe Berhanu Consulting Architects and Engineers, Omedad and Mamas Dream co-sponsored the event.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)