School of Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Psychology List of Applicants Eligible for Entrance Exam for MA in Educational Psychology, 2012 E.C
No    Name of the Applicant    Undergraduate Field of Study    Program    Applied for MA in Educ. Psychology
1    Mohamed Kemal  Tola    Psychology    Regular   
2    Chaltu  Simon Wake    Psychology    Regular   
3    Terefech Tsegaye  Waga    Psychology    Regular   
4    Kasaye Kanta  Kama      Psychology    Regular   
5    Amanuel Esayas Furcheka    Psychology    Regular   
6    Miheretu Bekele  Osamo    Psychology    Regular   
7    Temesgen  Achamo  Chufamo    Psychology    Regular   
8      Rediet Daniel   Tefera                   Psychology    Regular   
9    Walelegn  Mitiku  Bale                    EDPM    Summer   
10    Tezera Darato Daracho    EDPM    Summer   
11.    Amenu Amboma    Biology     Summer   
Note that:
•    The exam will be held on Friday, 01/13/11 E.C on PG building, main campus
•    Exam time: from 2:00 local time
•    Candidates must bring with themselves, ID cards (any) that tells their identity.