Arba Minch University will be hosting two-day training on strategic issues connected with New Education Roadmap specially themed to sustain peaceful teaching-learning environment across university beginning from 24th to 25th September, 2019, for entire university’s academic and administrative staff at newly built Institute of Technology Auditorium and existing New Hall at Main Campus.

It’s learnt that AMU Board members, Dr Abraham Alano and Dr Hewan Demessie including new Gamo Zone Administrator are likely to grace the occasion. While University President, Dr Damtew Darza; vice presidents, Dr Simon Shibru, Dr Yechale Kebede, Dr Mekamu Mada, Ms Tarikua Woldemedhin and Institute of Technology Scientific Director, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo will orient academic and administrative staff at respective venues.

The training is specially organized to orient entire university community as important steps are being taken to implement New Education Roadmap wherein comprehensive positive changes are expected to bolster the education sector.

The stated training will train its focus on issues like briefing on New Education Roadmap with special emphasis on institutional specialization, common courses for freshman and their significance. Sustaining peaceful teaching-learning environment by making aware all stakeholders about its importance and impact, university rule governing teacher-student discipline, discussion on last year’s (2018-19) performance and New Year’s (2019-20) University Annual Plan are on the agenda.

Similarly, senior and freshmen will also be given a daylong training on 4th and 9th October, 2019, at respective campuses. Sawla Campus will host training for its staff and students from 30th September, 2019. 

(Corporate Communication Directorate)