In the year 2019, AMU’s University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer Directorate could transfer few community-centric technologies like Maize-sheller device and modified milk-agitator; in near future it’s likely to develop contrivances such as screw-driver, brick-making cast and automated water-heater, informed UIL-TTD Director, Dr Tolera Seda.

He further adds, till date, we have distributed 20 each Maize-shellers to Mirab Abaya and Kucha farmers while Daramalo farmers were given 40. This Maize-sheller is cost-effective and it helps to remove grains from corn head much faster; new milk-agitator doesn’t need more efforts, it’s easy to operate.

On new milk-agitator, he said, this time, it has been improved as previous one was a kind of manual but new apparatus has some kind of automation that helps operator to use it with minimum effort and get maximum result. After collecting farmers’ feedback, UIL-TTD would go for their promotion.

Elaborating further, he said, we are contemplating to make brick-making device and it will be transferred to business community. And new screw-driver is being devised and prototype of an automated water-heater is almost ready; so work in this regard is underway and final touches are being given. The sliding-board has already been transferred and few universities had placed the order to produce for them.

On University-Industry Forum front, UIL-TTD has inked pact with Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority, Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute, Chemical & Construction Input Industry Development Institute and National Meteorological Agency. The proposal on research with Ethiopian Radiation Protection Authority is being written and training for physics department staff is also getting ready while National Meteorological Agency staff is expected to be here to train AMU staff.

It’s learnt that, last year, AMU students had been to Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute for 2-month internship where they observed all kinds of food processing. Chemical & Construction Input Industry Development Institute had facilitated internship to AMU students with whom UIL-TTD is planning to launch joint research on mineralization to ascertain coal deposit.

Recently, UIL-TTD has signed pacts with Ethiopia Metals Industry Development Institute and Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute wherein it would collaborate in imparting theoretical knowledge to partners while AMU students may get internship opportunities; joint research is another potential area to work on.

As of now UIL-TTD is collaborating with 13 TVETs from where 63 staff members were trained by AMU staff on basic, advanced solid works, Archicad and garment designing software, etc. And in turn, they are expected to develop designs and technologies meant for communities. In collaboration with South Nation, Nationalities and People’s Region ICT Agency AMU’s ICT staff members were oriented in newer areas.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)