AMU in association with Gamo Zone administration has jointly constituted Corona Task Force to prevent possible transmission of virus in the community. CTF has 40-member main committee with nine sub-committees to launch awareness campaign at zonal level, ensure sample testing; establish quarantine facilities to prevent further spread of virus and treatment aspect as well.

Gamo Zone Administrator, Mr Berhanu Zewde, heading CTF, said, all the committees will look into aspect such as communication, water sanitation, security, transport, etc. Zonal authority will contribute ETB 3 million and mobilize more resources in kind and cash from people across society, governmental and non-governmental organizations to support this social endeavor to tackle this catastrophe.Click here to see the pictures

He informed that protective gears like mask and sanitizers are being provided to health professionals and security personnel; Arba Minch Polytechnic College will be producing masks to cope up with emergency situation; technical team will be standby; regional authority will establish treatment centre and CTF will request government to supply medical equipments, he added.

University President, Dr Damtew Darza, member of CTF, said, AMU is likely to invest ETB 10 million to assist in purchasing essential equipments and materials so that samples can be tested at Abaya Campus laboratory while testing centre may be established at Bubbumeda, Sikela. We will also distribute protective gears to health professionals in carrying out testing and helping suspected individuals.

The main objective of CTF is to focus on prevention aspect. AMU’s four vice presidents and departments’ heads of zonal administration are members of sub-committees with different responsibilities. He informed that three equipments essential for testing will be purchased. Issues of illegal transportation at zonal level will be tackled to contain possible transmission; if some people need to be quarantined, that will be done.

Team Leader of CTF’s health sub-committee, Dr Tamiru Shibru, Chief Executive Director of College of Medicine and Health Sciences, said, in the last 10 days no cases have been reported, so we are now focusing on prevention; our 50 staff members are creating awareness in all woredas and kebeles in Gamo Zone and important information with regard to Corona virus are also available on AMU Facebook.

He adds that now protective gears like face & surgical masks and sanitizers are being given to health professionals. While health kits will be provided after procuring from the government and by next week samples will be tested in Abaya Campus laboratory. Quarantine sites established at Kulfo and Main Campus will house illegal travelers and in coordination of Regional Health Bureau, we will train guards, cleaners and cafeteria staff to handle affected or suspected cases.

Community Service Directorate Director, Dr Teklu Wegayehu, who is willfully assisting this initiative, said, we have already launched awareness campaign at Arba Minch, Bonke, Chencha and Mirab Abaya woredas; we are mobilizing resources from the community that includes money, edible items, etc for elderly people and even preparing automated water and liquid soap containers which will be installed at public places. We are preparing soaps, but due to alcohol shortage, we couldn’t make sanitizers. He assured possible help to CTF endeavors if any request comes from any of his coordination offices.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)