While COVID-19 continues to spread the trail of catastrophe all across that has literally halted the wheels of economic activities leaving many without monetary and other resources at this critical time, in such situation, AMU’s Community Service Directorate is assuaging the sufferings of poor, homeless and elders in Gamo Zone by distributing some public protection gears, cereals, other eatables, etc. in its own way.

Community Service Directorate Director, Dr Teklu Wegayehu, said, so far we have started distributing aid to economically weaker sections that include elders and homeless. At the outset, 33 and 141 liters of sanitizers have been given to university health professionals and AMU community respectively.

Around 1,000 face masks were distributed among health professionals, AMU and government officials; 2,150 surgical gloves, 63 face shields, and 10 surgical gowns to different health committee members in five kebeles i.e. Bonke Gachobaba, Gerese, Selamber and Arba Minch town.

Aid including 130 quintals of maize powder, 136 liters of oil, 155 kilogram salt worth ETB 250,000 was donated to 436 families residing in Arba Minch, Woze, Wuhaminch, Bere, Dilfana, Chamo & Ethio-Fishery campuses where mostly elders and physically-challenged are the beneficiaries.

He also informed that AMU has donated 32, 50 and 100 quintals of macaroni, rice and onions from its staff members to Zonal Administration so that it could be distributed among homeless and poor families to survive at this critical juncture. We have also distributed 400 soap bars to Woze kebele and 2,100 soap bars, glucose and anti-pain tablets were given to elders and 22 thermometers were given to Gamo Zone Health department and Arba Minch District Hospital.

Under ongoing awareness campaign, pamphlets, leaflets with different awareness messages distributed and using public address system people were informed about the sinister implications of Coronavirus and precaution that needs to be taken by everyone were explained in layman’s language at different kebeles. Informative billboards were erected at vantage points in Arba Minch and surrounding areas.

Trainings for 44 kebele leaders and Task Force individuals pertaining to prevention and awareness activities was imparted. On quarantine centers, he adds that one at Kulfo and at Main Campus which may accommodate 1,000 individuals while treatment centre is likely to be established at Bubbumeda as AMU has already donated required materials and Abaya Campus is likely to commission PCR machines.

That apart, health professionals from College of Medicine and Health Sciences have been making people aware about hygiene in different kebeles. They are coordinating with Arba Minch Polytechnic in preparing different public protective gears and having received PCR machine from South Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region’s Health Bureau, they are planning to use to test samples of affected with Coronavirus.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)