Graduation ceremony for Irrigation Management trainees held

AMU’s Community Service Directorate has achieved yet another milestone by churning out 30 trainees in Small-Scale Irrigation Management with South Pastoral Affairs Bureau, SNNPR. The graduation ceremony for the same was held at Main Campus on Oct 12, 2014. Click here to see the pictures.

South Pastoral Affairs Bureau having selected 30 individuals from South Omo Zone, Salamago woreda inked an agreement with AMU in the month of April 2013, to equip them with operational skills of modern knowhow in managing irrigable land.

According to the pact, AMU had to provide 6-month technical training which was sponsored by Federal Sugar Corporation (FSC). The training has been the part of Federal Government’s dream project - Sugar Plantation project in South Omo Zone.

Head of Pastoral Affairs Bureau, SNNPR, Mr Dawit Kussia, revealed, ‘‘When we found lack of skills in semi-educated individuals from Salamago woreda, immediately this training was planned. Today, I am happy for these 30 trainees who are technically empowered by AMU in irrigation management.

He further adds, now regional Pastoral Affairs Bureau would recruit them as professional level-I, who in turn would apply the knowledge and skill acquired to judiciously manage irrigable land and also train others in this arena.

The training began on April 24, 2013 and ended on Oct 8, 2014. The training curriculum was consisted of six modules, three each from irrigation engineering i.e. Irrigation Systems Design, Canal Maintenance, Pumps & Drainage Management and Irrigation Drainage systems Design.

Agriculture has three modules like irrigated crops, harvesting & post-harvest management, irrigated crop agronomy and post-management in irrigated crop. Of the seven AMU instructors involved in the training, four were from Water Resource Irrigation Engineering dept, Institute of Technology, while three were from Agriculture.

Asonake was the training coordinator and facilitator, while Dr Negash Wagesho and Dr Nejib Mohammad were coordinators from their respective Institute and college. Community Service Directorate Director, Dr Alemayehu Taye, was the main coordinator.

The graduation ceremony began with Dr Alemayehu Taye introducing the dignitaries, Mr Dawit Kussia from Pastoral Affairs Bureau and Mr Ekal Netir of Sugar Corporation Public Organization Participation Directorate Director. Three trainees were rewarded for their outstanding contribution, while others were given certificate for completing the training.

By Philips Joseph