Research Activities

Completed projects

  1. The prevalence of HIV/ AIDS and associated risk factors among Arba Minch University students, southern Ethiopia
  2. Predictors of smear- positive pulmonary tuberculosis in Gamo Gofa zone, South Ethiopia
  3. Perceived barriers and attitude of health care providers towards provider initiated HIV Testing and counseling at Gamo Gofa  Zone southern Ethiopia
  4. Mens’ Awareness on danger signs of obstetric complications and Birth preparedness practices at chench District, Gamo Gofa  zone. Community Based Mixed Method
  5. Factors associated with late Presentation to HIV/AIDS care among HIV positive patients in Gamo Gofa , Southern Ethiopia : A  case control study
  6. Assessment of magnitude and determinants of under-Five mortality in Gamo Gofa  zone southern Ethiopia
  7. Assessment of infant and young child feeding and newborn care practices of the community and their effects on under-Five child survival, in Gamo Gofa   zone, southern Ethiopia
  8. Effects of antenatal care service utilization on maternal near miss in Gamo Gofa  zone, southern Ethiopia
  9. Prevalence of active trachoma and associated factors among 1-9 year-old children in Gamo Gofa  zone, southern Ethiopia
  10. Determinants of inter birth interval among child bearing age women in Arba Minch Zuria Woreda Research site, SNNP Ethiopia,2014: community based Case –control study
  11. Iodine and goiter status age children and associated factors in Bonke woreda of Gamo Goffa Zone SNNPR, Ethiopia
  12. Association of Chat and alcohol use with HIV infection among youths visiting HIV counseling and testing centers in Gamo Gofa Zone, south West Ethiopia
  13. The Magnitude and treatment of childhood diarrhea in Arba Minch Zuria, southern Ethiopia
  14. Nutritional status and predictors of under Nutrition Among Under- Five Children in Arba Minch Zuria, Gamo Gofa Zone Ethiopia
  15. Patients’ expectation and Responsiveness of inpatient and outpatient health services in hospitals of Gamo Gofa  Zone, Southern Ethiopia
  16. Awareness and attitude to liberalization of Inducing Abortion among female students learning in university and colleges of Arba Minch Town, Arba Minch, southern Ethiopia.
  17. Sero-prevance and rick factors of Toxoplasma gonaii and Hepatitis B virus infection among pregnant women attending Antenatal Clinic in Arba Minch hospital, South Ethiopia
  18. Magnitude and rick factors associated with Hepatitis  B Virus (HBV) in Arba Minch Hospital ,South Ethiopia
  19. Prevalence of Malaria and Visceral leishmaniasis in Blood Donors and Assessment of Association Between abo blood Groups and Malaria Parsitaemia in Arba Minch Hospital, South Ethiopia
  20. Utilization of long acting and permanent methods of family planning and its associated factors among married Reproductive (15-49) women in Arba Minch Zuria woreda DHs research site, south Ethiopia: community based cross sectional study
  21. An assessment of Quality of care for sexually Transmitted infections (STIS) syndrome case Management at public health facilities of Gamo Gofa zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia
  22. Knowledge and associated factors towards cervical cannier risk factors and its prevention among women in Arba Minch town and Zuria woreda
  23. Determinants of occurrence of pneumonia in under two children in Gamo Gofa zone, SNNP, Ethiopia, 2014 Unmatched case control study design.
  24. Prevalence of soil- transmitted helminthes infection and its effects on nutritional status of  school- age children in chencha district, south Ethiopia
  25. Dietary practiced and associated risk factors among pregnant women in Arba Minch town and Arba Minch Zuria woreda, Gamo Gofa  Zone
  26. Bacterial, parasitic infections and associated risk factors among food handlers working in cafeterias of Arba Minch university, Ethiopia
  27. Prevalence of soil- transmitted helminthes infection and its effect on nutritional status of school-age children in chencha district, southern Ethiopia cross- sectional study, 2014/2015
  28. Etiology and profile of antimicrobial sensitivity of bacterial pathogens form adult patients with community acquired pneumonia in Arba Minch Hospital, south Ethiopia
  29. Incidences and predictors of systemic Hypertension among cohorts of HIV/AIDS infected patients who have follow up at health institution of Gamo Gofa  zone 2014
  30. The Level of Job Motivation and Associated Factors among Rural Health Extension Workers in Gamo Gofa Zone, Southern Ethiopia: A Cross-sectional Study
  31. Pre-analytical Practices Related to Venous Blood Sampling, Handling and Processing in Wards and Laboratories of Government Hospitals in Gamo Gofa Zone, Southern Ethiopia