Institutional Quality Enhancement (IQE) Directorate has conducted five-day Higher Diploma Program (HDP) training for the newly appointed Arba Minch University teachers from 19th to 23rd Oct 2015, at Main Campus.

Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Damtew Darza, inaugurating the training, said the four modules which will be taught are of utmost importance. It’s an appropriate opportunity for the teacher without pedagogical background to get fine-tuned their teaching skill and strengthen approach towards teaching-learning process.

The IQE Director, Mr Yohannes Tigro, apprising the audience with the objective and nitty-gritty of the training, said, it being the first round training wherein 90 instructors holding first degree are participating need to be committed.

The second round of training for the instructors with post-graduate degree is likely to start in November this year. This training is said to be strategically important in a way as the certificates awarded are recognized while applying for sponsorship and scholarship, Yohannes adds.

This 35-hour-long training framework is consisted of four modules i.e. Learner-centered Approach (11 hrs), Assessment and Instructional Planning (10 hrs), Classroom Management (8 hrs) and Ethical Aspect of Teaching in Higher Education (6 hrs).

Eight instructors including four from Department of Psychology and two each from Pedagogy and Civic and Ethical Education were the resource persons. The trainings were conducted in three groups in different locations at Main Campus.

It’s learnt that IQE will also be holding HDP Graduation on 24th October for those completed yearlong HDP training. New teachers completing five-day training will be given certificate of participation on the same day.

HDP leaders and graduates from its Satellite Institutions i.e. Hossana College of Teachers Education, Wolaita Soddo University, Wachamo University and Arba Minch College of Teachers Education are expected to participate in graduation ceremony.


(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)