Arba Minch University since its inception has shown upward trends in all spheres of activities. If its ever rising student’s enrolment, higher numbers of engineering passed-outs and substantial increase in girl students opting higher education are any indications then AMU rightly deserve the pride of place in Ethiopia. Sharp declining attrition rate further makes its claim more credible.

The available statistics states, in the academic year 2013-14 (2006EC), of 15153 regular students enrolled, 11594 were boys and 3559 girls. In 2014-15 (2007EC), with just 5% rise in the overall enrolment (15910) 11669 were boys and 4241 girls. While this year 2015-16 (2008EC), the total enrolment figures stand at 17489 with 10% rise.

Importantly, the sex-ratio front has good news with girl students fast catching up with the boys in engineering stream; 701 said to have registered in Institute of Technology compared to 1652 boys. Interestingly, in College of Natural Sciences, 632 newly admitted girls have reduced 277 boys to minority.
If we analyze year-wise composite strength of girl students in the university, it’s discovered that during 2013-14, there were only 3559 girls compared to 11594 boys. Similarly, in 2014-15, their strength was 1/3rd, but this year 2015-16, they seem to have reached 50% mark (boys 11674, girls 5815). The overall boys’ strength seems to be intact.
Last academic year 19% (4241) more girls were admitted, while this year’s figure of 5815 indicates rise of 37% in their population. The comparative study of 2013-14’s 3559 figure with 2015-16’s 5815 newly admitted girls show whopping 63% rise in two years time, a good sign.
The college-wise enrolment story is equally cheerful except Institute of Technology maintaining its status quo. However, it got more number of girl students in this academic year.
This year’s available enrolment data puts colleges in pretty good stead. College of Social Science and Humanities found to have registered 28% more students (1470). College of Natural Sciences’ enrolment went up by 23.41% (2530), College of Medicine and Health Sciences got 17.89% more entrants (1515), College of Business and Economics too has had 15.5% increase (2316); only College of Agricultural Sciences has had marginal rise in its annual figure (1031).
With ever rising enrolment the university has carefully kept the tabs on attrition rate. In the year 2008 (2001EC), out of total 7354 students, 45 had withdrew candidature, 21 dropped out and 1115 then were dismissed putting attrition rate among boys to 9.83% and girls 26.44%; the total attrition rate then was 15.16%.
University with judicious handling, after seven years in 2014-15, narrowed down the attrition to 3.28%. In 2014-15 (2007EC), of 15910, only 17 pupils withdrew, 72 dropped out and 179 were dismissed, that put attrition rate among boys 1.96% and 7.77% in girls that brought the overall attrition rate down to 3.28%.
Therefore, increasing enrolment, rise in girl students and declining attrition rate augur well for the university that fosters knowledge and innovation in the pursuit of excellence.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)