Arba Minch University has hosted a graduation ceremony for 104 graduates from two important streams, Doctor of Medicine, College of Medicine and Health Sciences and Architecture and Urban Planning, Institute of Technology, at new Auditorium, Main Campus on March 5, 2016. Click here to see the Pictures.


Academic Affairs Vice President and President-delegate, Dr Damtew Darza, officiating the event, said, ‘’This event is special as Ethiopia, has began to strive hard for the success of GTP-II. To impart quality education, AMU has started fine-tuning curriculums, strengthening teaching-learning, honing teachers’ skills, enriching infrastructure thus creating conducive work environment that will help university achieve global standard by the end of GTP-II.’’

He further informed as of now, AMU runs 56 UG and 45 PG programs, which may go up by GTP-II end. Research to get great impetus with three newly established centres with hundreds of problem-solving proposals in the pipeline for the community, has become the culture of AMU.

‘‘Work hard to make Ethiopia, a middle-income nation and establish a culture free from corruption and ensure good governance that will lead to sustained economic growth. At this juncture, Ethiopia needs professionals in both health and construction sectors and I hope you all fit the bill,’’ he said.

Guest of Honor and out-going President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, in the program said, ‘‘You will fill the gaps in health and construction sectors for which government is striving for. Though, challenges may put burden on you, you have the potential to make it up.’’

The ceremony began with Arba Minch Town Cultural Band‘s lilting performances. At the outset, Corporate Communication Directorate Director, Mr Fissiha Bekele, welcomed the audience and dignitaries. He further steered the proceedings of the event.

Associate Registrar of the university gave an overview of the function, while both heads of Institute of Technology and College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Mr Behailu Merdikios and Dr Negash Wagesho, duly introduced their graduates to the audience.

Of College of Medicine and Health Science’s 47, three outstanding graduates, who score higher GPA are, Dr Desalegn Mechal Shifa 3.63, Dr Rodas Temesgen Annose 3.54 and Dr Shimelis Getu Wolde 3.50.

This time round, Architecture and Urban Planning department has 57 graduates (boys 41, girls 16). With 3.96 GPA, Shawul Gulilat Haile, topped the table, followed by Solomon Tamiru Tesfaye, 3.73, and Yonas Kidnemariam Berna, 3.44, respectively.

Dr Desalegn Mechal was awarded gold medal; Hewan Goitom Berhane, 3.39, and Dr Rodas Temesgen 3.54, were honored for being outstanding amongst female from College of Medicine and Health Science and IoT.

Dr Damtew Darza along with former President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes and Vice President for Administration, Dr Yechale Kebede, handed over degrees to 104 graduates.

Invited Guest, Dr Barry Leon Hicks, on the occasion cautioning the graduates, said; ‘‘Now you have completed studies, but the real hard life begins from now. Keep it in your mind that patients are the most important person in the life of a doctor, it will help you to prove your mettle and serve them with compassion.’’


(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)