College of Social Sciences and Humanities’ Pedagogical Sciences Department recently has conducted an external review of MA program in Curriculum and Instruction at Main Campus. Situational and demand analysis reports support its launching in next academic year. Click here to see the pictures.

The department head, Dr Yishak Degefu, presenting the draft, informed that the situational analysis has brought to fore the shortage of manpower in above program in Gamo Gofa, Segen, Wolayta and South Omo zones. Even Higher Diploma Program (HDP), Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT) and ethno-federalist approach being utilized by the country’s education system urgently make its launching imperative.

Stating objective of the program, he said, it will equip graduates with in-depth knowledge and skills to plan, create, analyze and implement policies with a research-based instructional strategies for development.

It will have 27 credit hours course work and 6-credit hours thesis with minimum cumulative GPA of over 3. Regular program is of 2 years’ duration while summer, extension and weekend is 3-4 years. It will have 15 credits for regular course load per semester and 9 credits for summer extension and weekend.

He adds, quality of the program will be ensured through short and long-term monitoring and evaluation mechanism and every five years, it will be reviewed for sustainability check.

External reviewer, Dr Lemma Setegn of Addis Ababa University underscoring the lacunas said graduates should be given prominence. He asked for clear information on its launching and told to be realistic with regard to School of Pedagogy’s vision.

He suggested broadening of catchment area, focus on program goals, remedial program be made admission pre-requisite and course work credit hours be raised etc. Dr Genene of Dilla University asked to emphasize on graduate competency, whether it’s generic or specialized etc.

During discussion, primarily the issue of remedial program was largely debated; in which some supported HDP and PGDT to be made pre-requisite for admission, while few took strong exception. Issues like course outline, duration, code, supervision, etc were also discussed.

Dr Yishak assured to accommodate valuable comments made by external reviewers to make it completely balanced program. School of Graduate Studies Director, Dr Anto Arkato anchored the program. College Vice Dean, Mr Gona Haileyesus, welcomed the guests while closing remarks was made by School of Pedagogical and Behavioral Sciences’ Coordinator, Mr. Mesfin Balgu.


(By Philips Joseph: Corporate Communication Directorate)