Rahel Juma Chare, a tiny damsel from Wolayta Soddo is on cloud nine for outshining female graduates of 2016 by notching up 3.92 CGPA. She is neither a chatter-box nor reticent but knows how to drive her points home with genuine intents.  Click here to see the pictures.

Her hearts pound inside when she sees elders and children who are often deserted by their kith and kin to fend for themselves. If given chance, she likes to start a ‘Home’ for these children of lesser God!

‘‘My father Juma Chare is a grain merchant and mother Dakitdara, a housewife; of my 11 siblings, three are brothers and eight sisters. My first brother holds first degree, second is a Kebele leader and the third employed with government. One of my sisters is an accountant in Addis Ababa, two nurses, one lawyer and the last one is studying midwifery in Dilla University.’’

She completed Grade 12 from Soddo General Secondary School. When asked what prompted her to go for midwifery, she quipped, ‘‘I wanted to work on mother-child health issues as well as reproductive health. I want to create awareness on this important health issues in the community.’’

She adds, ‘‘My research carried out in Hossanah has revealed community was struggling with socio-clinical issues like pre-marital sex, unsafe abortion, unwed mothers, abandonment of child etc. There is complete dearth of information on reproductive health issues; therefore, I would love to take up such issues and deal with them with professional approach.’’

On her priority, she said, ‘‘I would prefer to go for Masters, if God will, otherwise like to get a job. And to satisfy my cherished dream, I may join NGOs, as they operate in rural areas that will give adequate exposure to use skills I learnt whereas hospital has its own limitations.’’

Personally, she said, if given chance, She would like to start a Home for Aged and Children, as she can’t see people lying on the streets or children roaming around begging and at night take shelter elsewhere.’’

On study plans, she said, ‘‘I studied around 29 subjects including practical; obstetrics was dear to me, in which I got A+; Research Methodology was bit tough. But, I timed my schedule in such a way where I was able to slog 12 hours a day.’’

On whether she is happy, she said, ‘‘I am happy with 3.92, but I was expecting 4 CGPA; due to some issue like Team Training Program where I couldn’t submit my record in time might have scuttled my expected result.’’

She attributed her success to supportive family members, university teachers, and worship Group in the church which have been motivating her to work hard.

(By Philips Joseph: Corporate Communication Directorate)