Institutional Transformation Directorate has conducted Education Development Change Army program for Arba Minch University top, middle and lower level leaders at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus  on 8th April, 2014, to apprise them with the ongoing progress on Educational Development army organization - ‘1-to-5’ team concept.


Over the years, lot has been changed in Ethiopia with respect to women, and particularly in last 21 years, we have achieved remarkable results. As of now we have thousands of girl students enrolled in schools and AMU compared to less than 100 female students, 20 years back. In some of the universities girls are outnumbering boys, said AMU President, Dr Felek Woldeyes during ‘International Women’s Day’ celebration at Lecture Theatre, on 1st April, 2014.

Arba Minch University’s Biodiversity Research Center based at College of Natural Sciences has invited research papers from research community to be the part of its two-day symposium on ‘Biodiversity and Nature Conservation’ to be held at Main Campus from 23rd to 24th May, 2014.

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By Philips Joseph

Ethiopia Federal Anti-corruption Commission (EFAC) has conducted a week-long training for Arba Minch University’s graduating students to create awareness against corruption in the society from 24th to 29th March, 2014.

Arba Minch University Students Support Service Directorate has recently held a meeting with all university physically-challenged students, to hear their grievances and to honor those select few who won gold, silver and bronze medals at Haramaya Sports Festival at Main Campus.