With 3.98 CGPA, Belete Petros Kurubo has floored all top-scorers of Arba Minch University. A son of the farmer, unfazed by the glamour of life, takes refuge in God and attributes success to Him, parents and AMU teachers. He aspires to be a good teacher and share his expertise!

የ2008 ዓ.ም ክረምት የምዝገባ እና ትምህርት የሚጀምርበትን ቀን በተመለከተ፡-

1. የድህረ ምረቃ ነባር እና አዲስ ተማሪዎች መመዝገቢያ ቦታ በዋናው ካምፓስ ሐምሌ 15 እና 16

2. የቅድመ ምረቃ (የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ) አዲስ ተማሪዎች መመዝገቢያ ቦታ በነጭ ሳር ካምፓስ  ሐምሌ 4 እና 5

3. የቅድመ ምረቃ (የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ) ነባር ተማሪዎች መመዝገቢያ ቦታ ትምህርት ክፍሎቻቸው በሚገኙበት ካምፓስ ሐምሌ 4 እና 5

4. የቅድመ ምረቃ (የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ) አዲስ ተማሪዎች በቅጣት የምዝገባ ቀን ሐምሌ 6/2008 ዓ.ም ሲሆን ለድህረ ምረቃ ተማሪዎች  በቅጣት የምዝገባ ሐምሌ 18/2008 ዓ.ም

5. የቅድመ ምረቃ (የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ) ትምህርት የሚጀምርበት ቀን ሐምሌ 6/2008 ዓ.ም ሲሆን ለድህረ ምረቃ ተማሪዎች ትምህርት የሚጀምርበት ቀን ሐምሌ 18/2008 ዓ.ም

ማሳሰቢያ፡ ከተገለጸው የጊዜ ገደብ ውጪ ዩኒቨርሲቲው ማንኛውንም ተማሪ እንደማያስተናግድ በጥብቅ እናሳስባለን፡፡

አርባ ምንጭ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ሬጅስትራር ዳይሬክቶሬት  ጽ/ቤት

Rahel Juma Chare, a tiny damsel from Wolayta Soddo is on cloud nine for outshining female graduates of 2016 by notching up 3.92 CGPA. She is neither a chatter-box nor reticent but knows how to drive her points home with genuine intents.  Click here to see the pictures.

Arba Minch University’s 29th Convocation held at Abaya Campus Auditorium on 25th June, 2016, saw 3,848 students graduating includes 3,760 UG, 88 PG and 47 Law graduates. Click here to see the Pictures.

Arba Minch University will be celebrating its 29th Convocation at Abaya Campus Auditorium on 25th June, 2016, beginning at 8.30 am. AMU top officials that include Senate members, invited guests, academic fraternity, other staff members, graduating students’ kith and kin, patrons and well-wishers will grace the event.

Due to limited seating capacity, graduates, few family members, dignitaries and invited guests will be allowed in the Hall. Others including graduating students’ family members can view the event live on digital signage screens installed at Abaya and other campuses. ICT team will also ensure the event is streamed live on ‘YouTube’ and Facebook for the larger audience at home without crowding the venue.

Several constituted committees accountable to University President are entrusted with the tasks to ensure everything is appropriately and timely organized in strategically important areas like academic, administrative, exhibition, transportation, security and hospitality etc.

(By Philips Joseph: Corporate Communication Directorate)