The Electrical Engineering Dept. at AMIT has ambitious research plans and revealing this is Mr. Yalisho Girma, Lecturer in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. He along with Mr. Engidaw Abel and Mr. Samuel Tesema has embarked a research on ‘Feasibility Study and Design of Solar PV and Micro-Hydro Power Systems for Rural Regions in Gamo Gofa Zone.’ This research project is aimed at assessing Solar energy and micro hydro potentials of Goma Gofa  Zone and Mr. Yalisho and his colleagues are designing this hybrid system. 

The Ministry of Education has organized 15-day leadership training program exclusively for the senior academic staff of universities spread across Ethiopia. The training begins today - July 26, 2013, at Civil Service University in Addis Ababa.

Click the links to download Intake Capacity of Arba Minch University for the Year 2006 EC /2013-2014/

Dr. J. Rajan faculty in Electrical & Computer Engineering, AMIT published a paper ‘PC Based Wind Power Plant controller” in MNK Publications, published from Haryana.

The Computer science & IT department have launched a magazine called DIGIT, the Horizon of IT featuring many activities of Computer Science & IT club activities.