Higher Diploma Program’s 2nd round Moderation workshop got underway on June 28, at Institutional Quality Enhancement Center (IQE) Hall and Graduation ceremony was held at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus on June 29, 2013. Click here to see the pictures.


On the concluding day, succinct presentations of scientific studies could very well titillate the presenters and participants as it has generated the much-needed synergy that set the tone for the deliberations on the serious issue like water.

‘‘Ethiopia has vast water resource potential; but its availability and accessibility for diversified usages have been limited. This is due to lack of technical and financial capacity required to harness the water resources,’’ said The Arba Minch University President, Dr Fekele Woldeyes.

A good news awaits Indian expatriates teachers who are at Arba Minch University. The Ethiopian Airlines now has included Chennai as a destination and the airline will fly to Chennai in addition to Mumbai.

Arba Minch University has got a shot in the arm with Ethio Telecom according sixteen new Public Internet Protocol addresses to its website recently. AMU which already has two now has 18 IP addresses at its disposal.