Mr. Metekia Azasue  W/tsadik

                                                                                                                             Facility Managing Director


The directorate is accountable for Administrative & Development vice President. It offers maintenance, preventative maintenance, contract administration, and repairs for the campus. In addition to receiving facility administration, planning of different construction activities are the duties of the directorate. It also  offers services for water and sewer, carpentry, keys, locks, masonry, plastering and painting, re-lamping and other rely fixtures power wiring, landscaping, lawn care, leaf removal, furniture moving and setups, preventive maintenance, routine and emergency repairs, replacements, smaller scale renovations and new installations.

Construction & Design

  • A building administrator's duties include organizing and supervising routine building maintenance and repairs.
  • Managing and directing the work of cleaning and security personnel.
  • Emergency protocols and procedures preparation and execution.
  • And it relates to preserving a secure atmosphere for both building occupants and outside guests.
  • Design & Construction, Facilities, Work shop and Maintenance Services, Steamfitter, Sustainability, and Emergency Services are some of the divisions that make up the Department of University Facilities Administration.


To design, build, operate and maintain an outshining landscape for the best learning environment possible while maintaining sound fiscal control and responsibility for the planned strategy success of the University.


The University will become one from a public higher institution of the country in various spheres, with this the Facilities Administration Directorate fuels the process to help with recognized model based on its integration of functional expertise, service excellence, and operational effectiveness scenario in the future.


  • Sustain the investment in the facility service relates infrastructure;
  • Continue to build the expertise on various aspects of facility service relates infrastructure
  • Provide users/customers with more attractive place for work and learning
  • Identify the economic optimization of facility services
  • Develop a new model for roles and responsibilities of facility services
  • Develop an integrated vision on the use of facility services in education
  • Foster the differentiation and best of choice in the facility services infrastructure.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design, construct and supervise mini-building with recurrent budget
  • Look after the maintenance of all existing buildings
  • Undertake beautification works across University campuses
  • Install and maintain water supply, sewage line and other relates supply
  • Facilitate payment for executed project works under their supervision
  • Responsible to ensure that the rooms are set-up in accordance with the customer’s needs and that all technology needs are in the room
  • Make hourly rounds of the building to secure areas not in use, monitor condition of facilities, and check in with active position
  • Estate administration and Legality Service
  • Integrating technology.
  • Managing projects.
  • Perform other allied activities


               Mobile: +251937312394

               Telephone: +25146881 1937

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              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.