Arba Minch University Student Management Information System (AMU-SMIS) is a web based application custom built for the University to allow more effective management of AMU student data and the administrative processes involved in obtaining a degree.

The Intranet provides means by which news and content of all kinds can be effectively communicated and distributed to the University community, and by which documents and other resources can be made available for download.

The Digital Library hosts a variety of materials available for the University community. Digital resources include books, videos and presentations. Organization of Digital Library resources is the responsibility of each University Office or Department.

The Web Based ICT Helpdesk will allow you to easily submit and check the status of your ICT support requests - right from your desk. You can access the service via the University Intranet, or from:

The University has a number of Internet and Computing facilities across all four campuses. These include facilities for general computing and specialized facilities such as for e-learning or Post Graduate work.

AMU currently hosts its own e-learning Service with a number of resources available to the University community. The AMU e-learning Site offers a variety of tools and resources to instructors and students to support effective online learning and teaching.

A number of Internet and Computing Facilities have access to specialized computing resources installed in the AMU Datacenter.

The Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) team manages the University's cross-campus wireless network allowing convenient network access in and around campus buildings and residences.