Ephrem Getahun Gure (Ph.D)

 AMU Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate Office has a task of quality assurance of the entire processes, services and products of the university. Oversees and directs the overall operations of quality assurance within the university to ensure continuous improvement and compliance. Promote the adoption, application and conformity to quality standards in education, research and community service.

The directorate office accomplishes its tasks with different experts working under the office and with IQA coordinators from the institutes/ colleges/ schools.

The Quality Assurance Mission:

The QA Office popularizes the culture of quality in the university, maintains persistent development of the university, improves and qualifies its faculties and institutions for implementing the standards of Accreditation and Programs quality assurance according to the targeted educational outputs, and sustain the performance of research quality and community services as per quality standards.

The AMU Quality assurance office aims

The directorate aims to ensure the provision of quality education and creation of responsible citizens, the opening of new programs based on stakeholders’ and customers’ need, the conduct of societal problem-solving, demand driven research, the provision of community service with a highest quality and minimum cost, and the provision of support services with a highest customer satisfaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop polices and instruments for quality assurance and auditing
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality and effectiveness of academic activities
  •  Plans and coordinates trainings to staff on academic quality care
  • Support the continual development and improvement of academic quality and relevance;
  • Proposes improvement plans based on quality assessment recommendations in collaboration with academic departments;
  • Advise Academic Programme Evaluation and Implementation office on reviews of curricula, initiation of new courses, cancellation of obsolete ones, and merger of courses;
  • Develops academic quality standards and coordinate quality assessment for the overall academic activities of the University;
  •  Initiates and/or supports course, program and institutional self-assessment, peer review, external review and accreditation;
  • Compiles final internal academic quality audit document
  •  Facilitate the effective implementation, review and periodic adaptation of the Quality Strategy
  • Facilitate external review panels and support review activities;
  •  Charter duties and responsibilities to coordination offices and units under their auspices;
  •  Carries out other relevant tasks assigned to him by the President.



Ephrem Getahun Gure (Ph.D)

Director- Institutional Quality Assurance

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