Strategic Planning, Implementation and Evaluation Directorate being one of the important administrative wings prepares strategic and annual plans of the university in association with two institutes, six colleges and entire directorates which collectively is aimed at rendering qualitative teaching-learning, engages in multi-disciplinary and community-centric researches, offers myriad community service and steers whole administrative activities.

It primarily gives technical and professional inputs to Senate with regard to the planning, implementing and reporting to the concerned bodies within the university.


To offer long and short-term plans, focus on Balance Score Card i.e. result-oriented plan, performance based budget implementation, plan monitoring, periodical reporting and feed-back based on set targets.


Strive to be a regulator that won’t let unwanted elements pass by or temper with the objective of nurturing great intellectuals, evolving research synergy and inspiring its professionals to serve the society.


Developing the habit of planning, implementing and evaluating

Commitment, quality and punctuality


Organizing institutional implementation reporting


Director, Strategic Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

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