Women, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate came into being in September.2013 to offer potential care for female students in their educational pursuit; it redresses problems they face and advocates their cause at all levels so that they didn’t fall victim to any biases.

It also strongly addresses cross-cutting issues associated with their overall welfare. This directorate basically facilitates, coordinate and promote participation of female students at all levels by ensuring gender equality and leading legitimate fight against forces that become stumbling block in their education and career path in the university. It works with students, academic and administrative staff to ensure required educational support and create conducive environment.

VISION: To make AMU an ideal place where females can avail equal opportunity, participate and contribute in the social, economic and political development of the country


To produce competent & assertive female students, minimize their attrition rate; create gender-sensitive academic environment where biases find no place and females can fearlessly achieve their goal.

GOALS: Produce qualified & competent female students in different field of studies by creating conducive milieu for their full participation, thus achieve gender equity across the board


Ø Facilitate provision for special tutorial services

Ø Organize trainings on assertiveness, effective study skill, campus life, life and allied skills

Ø Evolve conditions for intake of new female students in department of their choices

Ø Organize different events & programs to bring to the fore females’ potential

Ø Arrange short-term trainings related with research for female staff

Ø Establish network among female academic staff

Ø Reward females for outstanding academic performance & extracurricular activities

Ø Develop guidelines & adopt disciplinary measure for sexual harassment

Ø Educate youth on prevention of HIV/AIDS through workshop, peer education, etc.

Ø Arrange special reading room in the library & other services

Ø Establish female students club, provide aid to needy female students

Ø Monitor implementation of affirmative action to see gender reaches 50:50 ratio

Ø Create harassment-free teaching-learning environment through special training.

Ø Mainstreaming gender issues at AMU, coordinate daycare programs

Ø Dissuade youth from addiction that damages life


Females, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate Director

Sinat Sahile,

Office phone: +251 – 46881 0519 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.