Arba Minch University’s Institute of Technology has signed a tripartite agreement with China’s Guangxi Vocational & Technical Institute of Industry and Guangxi Construction Engineering Group No.1 Installation Company Limited that is expected to ensure cutting-edge knowhow and training to AMU staff in enhancing sugar production and creating jobs in the sector. 

Arba Minch University hosted 5th national symposium on ‘Science for Sustainable Development’ at Main Campus from 27-28th April, 2018; researchers from different universities and institutions across Ethiopia presented their findings on natural, agriculture and health-related sciences. Click here to see the pictures.

Arba Minch Water Technology Institute has conducted PhD proposal defense workshop of 2nd batch at ICT Video Conferencing Hall, Main Campus on 20th April, 2018. Its two students, Mr Alemeshet Kebede and Mr Nigatu Toma have presented their proposals on the occasion. Click here to download the pictures.

AMU researcher, Mr Betewulign Eshetu, as a part of his ethno-biological research has launched a plant gene bank at Kulfo Campus to discover wild edible vegetable and fruit plants with an adequate nutritional value that can be added to the depleting list of cuisine in Ethiopia. Click here to see the pictures.

An agronomist, Mr Andergachew Detebo, associated with Gircha Highland Fruits and Vegetable Research Centre at Chencha has hit the bull’s eye in his potato research. Using lime to detoxify soil, he got annual potato yield increased from 24 to 32 tons of marketable quality in Chencha. Click here to see the pictures.