AMU in collaboration with Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute (EEFRI) has organized a two-day national symposium on ‘Ethiopian medicinal plants and Moringa’ from 5th to 6th April, 2016, at New Hall, Main Campus. Click here to see the Pictures.

Prof. Matthieu Kervyn, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, a Flemish physical geographer with 10 years of deep understanding of African Rift Valley, spoke about Ethiopia’s geo-topographical scenario and some of its underlying geomorphologic hazards.

AMU-IUC formulation aimed at fine-tuning VLIR-UOS-funded project proposals has identified core areas to strategically address them for desired impact in Southern Ethiopian Rift Valley. The process beginning on 30th March, 2016, went through a weeklong brainstorming to finalize the proposals to be submitted on May 9, 2016. Click here to see the Pictures.

Arba Minch University in its recent Senate meeting has promoted two Assistant Professors, Dr Teshome Yirgu Bayu and Dr Abebe Girma Demissie to the position of Associate Professor.

Enset Park Project in its third phase has jointly conducted its first two-day national symposium from 5th to 6th April, 2016, at New Hall, Main Campus. Flemish partners, scholars from different universities, research institutions, stakeholders and others attended the function.