Presently, traditional knowledge has occupied an important space in global discourse as people have began to understand its contribution in decision-making at grass-root level, planning and applied research. Skepticism and modernists’ dismissal of its potential has failed to push it into oblivion rather it is poised to regain its lost glory, said, Dr Feleke Woldeyes in his speech. Click here to see the pictures.

A well-organized in-campus transport system can be a blessing for any university; if it’s in place, well, otherwise things often get worse. Therefore, to avoid such eventualities, Arba Minch University recently has recently launched ‘Fleet Management and Tracking System’ to serve its community better. Click here to see the pictures.

3rd national symposium on ‘Science for Sustainable Development’ could successfully generate the much-needed synergy among researchers from across Ethiopia as all findings have social dimensions at the centre. Symposium was held at Main Campus from 30 to 31st May, 2016. Click here to see the pictures.