MSc in Irrigation Engineering and Management would address the concern of those students fearing small-scale irrigation may not put them on the higher footing. Previous two reviews have subjected this program to thorough churning and the final round would make it perfect, said Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo. Click here to see the Pictures.

Arba Minch University is poised to earn the pride of place in the annals of Space Science with Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) opening its branch at Abaya Campus. In its second seminar at Main Campus, on February 27, 2015, six-member Managing Committee was also formed for the upkeep of the branch. Click here to see the Pictures.

‘‘The fish import has increased since local market failed to satisfy the increasing demand in the country. This phenomenon is draining out the hard currency that otherwise would have used for other development purposes. And I hope this forum would discuss the issue of relevant fish production from the perspective of development goals of Ethiopia,’’ emphasized Vice President for Research and Community Service, Dr Guchie Gulie. Click here to see the Pictures.

Arba Minch University’s sport persons putting up improved performance in the recently held 8th Public Universities Sport Festival at Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) have won six gold, seven silver and six bronze.

The Cross-Cutting Issue Directorate has conducted a day-long sensitization workshop for the vendors selling miscellaneous items outside the Main Campus on January 30, 2015. The purpose of the program was to acquaint them with the health hazard associated with HIV/AIDS.