Presently AMU is conducting the need assessment at Sawla that will enable us to decide what programs are suitable for the community. This will immensely help the people around and their children to craft their own destiny, opined Arba Minch University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes. Click here to see the pictures.

Dr Feleke was speaking during the foundation stone laying ceremony at Sawla, where Arba Minch University in near future will have new sprawling campus that will offer different courses keeping in mind the needs of the community.
On the rationale behind this initiative, Dr Feleke said, ‘‘The need to start new campus was felt three years back. The representative of regional state and AMU through intense discussion have brought out this into reality by identifying and obtaining 90 hectares of land at Sawla, 250 km away from Arba Minch. Within one and a half years, important task of compensating residing farmers was done.
Scotching all speculations over this campus, Dr Feleke reiterated that building necessary infrastructure would take one or two years. The proposed campus may or may not run the courses being offered at Arba Minch University’s institute and college; it will be decided after gauging the need assessment results.
Laying the foundation stone, Vice President of South Nation Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR) and presently Arba Minch University Board Chairman, Mr Tagesse Chafo, said, ‘‘Decision to start new campus at Sawla is the studied response from government towards people’s need. It evinces how committed government is towards people’s welfare.’’
Gamo Gofa Zone’s Chief Administrator and AMU Administrative Board member, Mr Tilahun Kebede, AMU vice presidents, Dr Agena Anjulo, Dr Gulchie Gulie, Corporate Communication Directorate Director, Mr Genene Gedebu Feleha, Estate Development and Utility Property Administration Directorate Director, Mr Brook Gissila and others also graced the function.
Gamo Gofa Cultural band’s splendid performance rendering different cultural numbers has had everyone shaking legs. The presence of community people has enhanced the significance of the occasion.
By Philips Joseph

The noteworthy progress achieved in last 20 years will transform Ethiopia as one of the fastest growing middle-income countries in the short span of time. And the base for this change has been the advancement of education, equity and changes through curriculum based on country’s policy and strategy, said Arba Minch University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes.

This lissome lass seems to be a bundle of mystery! The veneer of her happiness can’t hold the loads of adversities she is pitted against. But, steely guts and unflagging will to rise over the morass of poverty gave wings to her desire to have life with dignity and resources.

Click here to see the pictures.

At the first stance you may take this lanky lad, Teliku Nigussie Hailu, for someone who has got nothing to do with education! But when you scroll down into his heart; you would stumble upon the smoldering desire to make it big in life lying locked in there, waiting to be unlocked.